But what can I do?

Seeing a homeless person on the street, cold, hungry, and often without hope, is a horrible thing to witness – although obviously not as terrible as being that person. But what can you do?  A couple of pounds will only help them to their next meal and giving them any other sort of support is incredibly difficult.

Fortunately, if you are genuinely passionate about helping homeless people then there is another option, a better option.

Charities like St Mungo’s Broadway help people to recover from the issues that create homelessness and also work to prevent individuals falling into the trap in the first place. A huge part of that is achieved by funding from the public, and is where you, if you’re serious about alleviating or solving the problem, can step in.

Just talking to a passer-by in the street might not be the toughest task in the world but the money they can donate could make all the difference to someone in trouble. However, while anybody can stop someone else going about their business, it takes skill, talent and confidence to do it effectively enough that they make a donation.

At the Fundraising Academy we work with charities like St Mungo’s to train their fundraisers so that they can help more homeless people more often. We also give people like you the ability to work for St Mungo’s and make a real difference to those who are homeless or at the risk of being homeless.

We can teach you how to fundraise competently and ethically, to enjoy the challenge of starting a conversation with a complete stranger and to build a highly satisfying career in fundraising.

Sure, you’ll have to work hard – just like at any other job – but you’ll be working towards something you truly believe in, and that is always worth striving for.

So if you want to learn the right skills so that you can make a real difference just fill in this form and we’ll make sure you can help the homeless to the very best of your ability.

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